Supported File Types

The Monopond fax broadcasting front end is able to accept the following supported file types:

  • PDF (recommend ISO v1.7) .pdf
  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 .doc
  • Microsoft Word .docx
  • TIFF images .tif, .tiff

We also maintain nominal processing for the following non-supported file types (we recommend close testing for those intending to use these):

  • Microsoft Excel 97-2003 .xls
  • Microsoft Excel .xlsx
  • Rich Text .rtf
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 .ppt
  • Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx
  • GIF images .gif
  • JPEG images .jpg, .jpeg
  • PNG images .png
  • HTML .htm, .html
  • Plain text .txt

The UTBox broadcasting platform with data/mail merge supports the following document types;

  • Microsoft Word 97-2003 .doc
  • Microsoft Word .docx

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