Creating a valid fax list

Fax broadcasting requires a CSV list to be uploaded with the numbers in column A. This step explains how to create it.

  1. Create a new spreadsheet and insert the fax numbers in column A, ensuring they are properly formatted to include both country and area code, e.g. the number (02) 9988 7766 would best be formatted as 61299887766.
  2. (Optional – for mail merge) – You will need to name each column with a header row. The first cell (A1) must have the word “Fax”. 
    Note: The first column must always contain the fax numbers as Monopond will not accept any other format, all other header rows must not contain spaces and should correspond to your merge fields.
  3. The spreadsheet should be saved as a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file. To do so click "File > Save As". In Microsoft Excel 2007/2010 you will need to click on the circular office button in the top left hand corner followed by selecting "Save As" from the drop down menu. 
    Note: The default excel spreadsheet format is *.xls so the document must be saved as a *.csv or the Monopond system will not accept the list.

Example fax list (with available merge field “Name”):

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