How to fax broadcast from the web

Welcome to getting started with Fax Broadcasting using the web interface. This is available by logging into

The guide is divided into 3 main steps.

Step 1 – Fax broadcast list

Fax broadcasting requires a CSV list to be created with the numbers in full international format in column A as per the picture below. Please see the fax broadcast list article for more specifics.

Step 2 – Uploading new fax broadcast number list

Before fax broadcasting can start the fax number list will need to be uploaded to the UTBox Member Centre.

This is located under Broadcasting > New Broadcast. For specific instructions please see the uploading a fax broadcast number list article.

Step 3 – Starting a fax broadcast

Setting up a fax broadcast involves selecting a list and uploading the document to be broadcasted.

This is located under Broadcasting > New Broadcast.

There are a number of options on this screen and you will be presented with a preview screen after clicking Next. For specifics relating to the options on this screen please see our starting a fax broadcast article.

Step 4 – Viewing current and past fax broadcasts

Fax broadcast reports are available in three forms: all successful numbers, all failed numbers and a combined list.

This is located under  Broadcasting > Current/Past Broadcasts.

The following reports are available:

  • Success Only Broadcast Report 
  • Failure Only Broadcast Report 
  • Complete Broadcast Report (Combined Success and Failed)

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