Starting a Fax Broadcast

Step 3 - Starting a Fax Broadcast

Setting up a fax broadcast involves selecting a list and uploading the document to broadcast.

1. Click Fax Broadcasting in the UTI Member Centre located on the left side Menu options.

2. Select New to setup a new broadcast on under Fax Broadcasting.

3. Click Choose Document to select your desired document to be broadcasted. Locate your document and click open to select it.

Note: Please see our supported file types.

4. Select the broadcast list on the drop down box located just on the right side under List Options.

Note: If you have nothing displayed on the drop down box, please see article on Uploading Broadcast List.

5. You can set to enable or disable the following options (Smart Block, FPS and DNCR) under the List options.

6. High Resolution and Mail Merge can be enabled under Document Option.

Note: There is a surcharge on fine resolution broadcasts and we recommend in almost most cases to use the standard setting.

7. TSI can be customized to display what you would want to appear on the received fax. Enter a desired TSI for your fax broadcasts.  

Note: The Transmitting Subscriber Identification is the number that identifies the sender of a fax. Some receiving fax machines will print this on the top of each page of the fax. By Default this will be your UTI fax number.

8. If the broadcast is a mail merge tick the ‘Fax mail merge’ checkbox. This will require the document being used to be a specially formatted Word Document file.

9. Click Next to advance to the summary screen and review all the details.

10. If you wish to schedule your broadcasts tick the ‘Schedule to start later’ radio button and select desired date/time of the broadcast.

11. Enter the email address you wish to receive broadcast report to.  If you do not wish to receive a report then un-tick the checkbox.

Note: You will be displayed on the Cost Range for the fax broadcast. Check your details once more. If they are all correct then click ‘START’ at the bottom of the summary screen.

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