Assigning Roles and Permissions To Team Members

Roles are used to set the level of access available to users in your organization.  When you add a new team member, you can grant or remove access by assigning and changing the roles of the team member. 

In this article, you’ll learn the differences among the roles and how to grant and remove access and viewing permissions by changing the roles.

A team member account can have one or multiple roles assigned to it. Common roles are Team Owner, Team Admin, Product Access, and Finance Admin.

Roles and permissions

There are four user roles within the service: Team OwnerTeam AdminProduct Access, and Finance Admin users.

The table below shows the differences in permissions between the roles.

Not all user roles can view all the features within the service. The table below shows the differences in viewing permissions between the roles.

Assigning roles to a team member

To assign roles to a team member, follow these steps.

Note: Only the team owner and team admins can assign or change the roles of a team member.

  1. Go to Account Settings > Team > Manage Team.
  2. Select the edit icon of a team member to view the settings for the member.
  3. In Select Roles, select the checkbox of the roles you want to assign to the team member.
  4. Select Update Team Member to save your changes.

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