How do I top-up my balance?

Currently, we only allow reloading of balance in US dollar through payments via Paypal or Credit Cards. We are working on other payment options to be available in the future.

To add balance to your account, just navigate to the Billing Menu > select Make Payment.

1. When using PayPal, click the PayPal tab. It will take you to PayPal’s screen where you can make your payments securely. Make sure to type in the correct amount you want to top-up.

2. When using a credit card, click on the Credit Card tab. If you already have a credit card saved, you can simply set your amount and click the “Make a Payment” button.

Otherwise, you can add a new card by clicking on the “Add New Card” option. You can also select that in the Saved Payment Methods section. Click on Add New Card and fill out the required fields. Once the card is added, you may now choose a card to reload your balance.

3. When the payment is successful, you may view your Balance on top of the navigation menu. It normally takes a few minutes to update, so try refreshing your screen after a minute or two.

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