Personalizing messages with SMS Mail Merge

You can personalize messages to your broadcast recipients by using SMS Mail Merge.

Formatting your Contact List for SMS Mail Merge

In your contact list, create additional labels that contain personalized information for each recipient.

For example, you can add Name and FamilyName labels:

Ensure the additional label names do not have spaces.

Adding SMS Mail Merge Tags 

To utilize the additional labels, add the merge tag <mf:xxxx> in your message content. The tags should correspond to the additional labels in your contact list. 

An example of personalized message would be: "Welcome, <mf:Name> <mf:FamilyName> !” 

Enabling SMS Mail Merge

To give effect to the mail merge tags added in the previous section, turn on SMS Mail Merge.

Previewing your Personalized Message

To preview your SMS broadcast, select Review Broadcast. The content in the Message box should display information from the contact list and not the merge tags.

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