Sending an SMS Broadcast

Before you start

Here are some things to ensure before you begin this process.

Sending an SMS Broadcast

To send an SMS Broadcast, follow these steps.

  1. Go to SMS > SMS Broadcast > New Campaign.
  2. Type the Campaign Name for this SMS Broadcast. Campaign Names allow you to track the performances of your SMS Broadcasts.
  3. Write your content in Message. A standard SMS contains 160 characters. You can keep track of the character count below the Message box. 
  4. In Sender, select your Sender ID.
  5. In Recipients, select Create new contact list or Select from saved lists.
  6. Optional: To personalize messages, enable SMS Mail Merge.

The merge field tags “<mf:xxxxx>” in your message should correspond to the additional labels in your Contact List. This may affect character count and sending costs. Here’s how to personalize messages using SMS Mail Merge.

  1. Select Review Broadcast. A preview of your message and the cost summary will be displayed for your review.

  1. Select the Email job completion report checkbox if you want the job completion report to be sent to your registered email address.
  2. Schedule the broadcast to a later date and time in Schedule Broadcast, or
  3. Select Start Broadcast to start the SMS Broadcast.

A confirmation message will appear once the broadcast has been successfully started or scheduled.

Note: You can check your ongoing broadcasts under SMS > SMS Broadcast > Active Broadcasts or your past broadcasts under SMS > SMS Broadcast > Broadcast History.

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