Understanding your Invoice

Your invoice outlines the charges for your team’s monthly plan(s), service usage, and other charges.

An invoice has 5 sections: (1) Bill To and Invoice Information, (2) Monthly Plan, (3) Service Usage, (4) Other Charges, and (5) Modes of Payment.

Note: Only postpaid accounts receive invoices.

1. Bill To and Invoice Information

    • The Bill To section contains your billing information.
    • The Invoice Information section contains the invoice number, date, period covered, and due date.

2. Monthly Plan

    • This section contains all plans you are subscribed to and their monthly charges and inclusions.
    • If you upgraded any of your plans within the subscription period, then those changes also appear in this section.
    • As plan downgrades take effect in your next subscription period, you'll see it reflected in your next invoice.

3. Service Usage

    • This section contains a list of services that you consumed within the billing period and their charges.
    • It has 4 columns starting with the description of the service, its actual usage, the plan inclusions consumed, and the amount payable.
    • The Inclusions Used column is blank for any service that does not have any plan inclusions. This means that the amount payable shown has no deductions from any plan inclusions.

4. Other Charges

    • This section contains all one-time charges and rebates applied to your account. It also displays manual/credit balance adjustments requested.

5. Payment Method

    • This section contains the payment channels available. Conveniently pay your invoices via bank deposit, fund transfer, or credit card.

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